greez all,

i am currently leveling (volume) drumsets standalone (no harmonies at all).
as being a fan of optical help i analysed several mastered tracks using a frequency spectrum analyser and found out some general rule for eg. the proportion of BD to HH: the BD is always having the loudest peak of the entire track (0db) and the HH is in average playing at -20db. this was a big help as now i use to put the BD to 0db then put the HH to -20db and adjust the few dbs more or less to make it fit perfectly by listening.

my problem is about SNs and Toms: as playing in the mids i cant really sort out, by analysing a mastered track (again in my frequency spectrum analyser), wether those drums r playing at about -20db as well or rather at -10db as there is so many harmonies and melody tracks (and even vocals unless analysing an instrumental) playing in the mids section that i cant really find out the SNs volume like i could with th HH and BD as those very extreme frequencies r not occupied/used by any harmonies and so they come out very clearly.

could someone pls tell me the average clue for SNs and Toms: is it rather -10db or same as HH -20db? i know this wont be a general rule but the clue for the HH to start at -20db was very useful as then i adjust, as mentioned above, the indivudal few dbs more or less and have it perfectly leveled in the mix. i wanna do same with the SNs and Toms so i need a clue to start at...

pls dont come up with any comments like mixing is not at all about watching but only about listening as i really need this optical help due to not knowing my new monitors by now and so i need to have some optical help (clues) where i can start my acoustic adjustement work at...

thx so much for any info on this question!

big ups,