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Topic: Attn: Virus on Win2k

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    Attn: Virus on Win2k

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    Hello all...

    I\'m in the process to delete a virus, W32.Blaster.Worm - This may not be news if you are doing regular Windows or Virus scanning updates, as I see from the Microsoft site the bug is fixed since 7/16/2003. Anyways, it seems only to occur on Win2k systems and affects some crashes and limitations in use of your computer in short. To fix the security if you own Win2k leap go here:


    If you already got the virus (mine showed a task called msblast32.exe running) you\'d could look here to get a fre removal tool (what a great service!):


    I just want to let you know, as I see from other forums it is a quite public problem these days.

    All the best,

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    Re: Attn: Virus on Win2k

    The virus only affects NT based OS\'s (XP/2K), 9X/ME machines are safe. If you\'re behind a firewall, you should be fine. What it does is scan the internet for computers that aren\'t behind firewalls (most cable modems and dialups are not!) that haven\'t run the patch (and who runs patches these days?), and infects them, then uses their computers to search for other systems that haven\'t been infected yet. Starting on the 16th, it\'s going to start a Denial Of Service attack on windowsupdate.com .

    Whoever wrote it is a genius, the actual file is only 6k. It\'s easy enough to remove, as long as you have the hotfix for XP or 2K handy to install so the machine doesn\'t get reinfected. I removed it from 13 computers yesterday (I\'m a PC tech), and 3 so far today.

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    Re: Attn: Virus on Win2k

    Afaik you don\'t have a problem when SP4 installed. Is this right?

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