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<center> <font size=\"+1\"> Sampled Instruments for GigaStudio and Kontakt </font></center>

[img]Malmsjo.jpg[/img]<font size=\"+1\"> Malmsjö Acoustic Grand </font>

The Malmsjö Acoustic Grand for GigaSampler has been developed to accurately reproduce the keyboard response, and every subtle nuance of the original instrument. The instrument comes on two CD\'s in GigaSampler MultiDisk Format. It is actually 1.85Gb in size, but requires only 1Gb of hard drive space thanks to Nemesys\' acceleration/compression algorithm. There are three instruments included in Malmsjö Acoustic Grand, each with an alternative \"Wide\" articulation for increased dynamic range between pianissimo and forte:
Malmsjö Acoustic Grand / Wide

The original MAG contains only the originally recorded velocity layers: pp, p, mp, and f. Every key has been sampled individually, and every tone is allowed to ring until the end of its natural decay. The piano has been sampled with the damper pedal down only. However, the recording technique that has been applied never allows the sympathetic resonance to become overwhelming. There are several advantages to this approach:

1. The number of samples is drastically reduced, allowing for orchestral instruments to share RAM with the piano.

2. Normal sustain pedal technique works just like on a real piano (i.e. the pedal is pressed down after the key).

3. Full length samples may be used on each key without exceeding GigaSampler instrument size limits.
The Malmsjö sample includes both GigaStudio and Kontakt formats
<font size=\"+1\"> Cool Vibes </font>
This sample of the Yamaha 3 1/2 octave Gold Tour Vibe delivers the \"cool\" sound for a jazz combo, as well as more distant stereo perspectives necessary for orchestral work.
Eight Instruments, with five stereo perspectives, and Tone Control, regulating the amount of \'body\' to the tone, offer versatility for many applications.

MARIMBA LUMINA users can take advantage of a duplicated Instrument set, specially programmed for this controller.
GigaStudio Format.

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