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Topic: Score questions

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    Score questions

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    Pardon my ignorance, but in the context of movie soundtracks, what\'s the difference between the conductor\'s score and the full orchestra score? In one particular case I\'m looking at, the conductor\'s score is $9 and the full orch score is $80 [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And if it says \"Symphonic Suite\" what does that mean? It\'s not the ENTIRE score, is it? Because I see prices of $500+.. that must be the full thing. But I am not sure..

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    Re: Score questions

    Sometimes the publisher will make a conducting score that is condensed in one of two ways:

    A) The tace parts are left off and the remaining staves come together to form a smaller \'ensemble\' for when the full orchestra isn\'t needed (i.e. you jump from a tutti orchestra to just strings and horns on the next page, so the score shrinks to reflect that). This make it a little easier on the eyes while in the middle of a concert, though some conducter\'s prefer the full score.

    B) The shrink score, in that a predetermined set of anywhere from 3-8 staves is chosen. There will always be that number of staves and all of the parts are represented in that small of a space (i.e. melody on staff 1 played by XXX instruments, harmony 1 on staff 2 played by XXX instruments, etc.). This is nice for marches and the like, but incredibly hard to pinpoint parts on, as sometimes non-essential parts are often left off.

    The Full Orchestral score is just that -- you the see the full orchestra the entire time on every page. These are designed for recitals and the like, though a lot of conducter\'s like the have these in the concert for the final performance.

    Symphonic Suite is usually a full orchestral (or full wind ensemble) score. Almost all include all of the movements of the suite in one score, though I have seen a few that separate the movements into separate books (Johan de Meij\'s Lord of the Rings Symphony comes to mind). For $500 that sounds like the full orchestral package -- parts for every instrument including two copies of the full score. I could be wrong, though, what piece was it?

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    Re: Score questions

    I am looking at Lord of the Rings stuff, yes.. on sheetmusicplus.com. I\'d just like to know which of these books has the same tracks as on the soundtrack CD, with the score for all instruments together.

    Actually what I REALLY want is the stuff from Two Towers, but the score isn\'t out yet apparently..

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