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Topic: Envelope control from sequenser

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    Envelope control from sequenser

    May I ask the group how to assign Midi Controllers #71, 72, 73 (or other) in Gigastudio for controlling the envelope (Attack, Deday, Release) of a certain instrument from Cakewalk?
    Please explain in detail.

    Thank you all

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    Re: Envelope control from sequenser

    I believe this is possible using V2.2 of Gigastudio.

    I haven\'t installed the upgrade, so that\'s as much as I know...

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    Re: Envelope control from sequenser

    works only in GS 2.2. But you can only use ONE controller to trigger attack, release and decay at the same time. However the rate of change is adjustable for each of the three parameters.

    It is fairly limited, and added new bugs to the ENV-1 features, but it basically works.

    An alternative would be to assign additional dimensions to the instrument, triggered by a controller. Each dimension should get a different setting for ADR. You will then achieve a stepped change of ADR and you will learn, that the number of dimensions are limited.

    Triggering is not one of the strong points of GS. GS is more a sample-player. Synths are much more flexible concerning triggering.


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    Re: Envelope control from sequenser

    To elaborate on the above, In GStudio 2.2 you can set independent weighting for EG1 Attack, Decay, and Release inependently (from fully off to very wide) and also use a seperate controller for the same for EG2 just using the EG Mod. Also, if the basic range of modulation isn\'t \'centered\' where you want it, you can just set the unmodulated envelope to the fastest setting and then weight the modulation accordingly. In most practical scenarios, I have found this to be convenient. AS above, you can also use a dimension, but the EG Mod gives you true modulation that is continuously variable at all times even after the note has been sustained.

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