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Topic: Instrument won't reload

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    Instrument won\'t reload

    I upgraded to Giga 2.2.
    I sometimes have this problem.
    I load an instrument (say flute)
    Then load on top of it another instrument (say Pan)
    Then double click the flute again and it WON\'T LOAD!
    I have to exit Giga and restart it. It is crazy. Any idea?

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    Re: Instrument won\'t reload

    Try dragging the second instrument and dropping it on the channel.

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    Re: Instrument won\'t reload

    I found out that only when I load the instrument from the \"already loaded instruments\" area it responds.
    I think somethink went wrong with my (Or Giga V2.2) instrument loading definitions.
    I cannot even set the double click to load to the same channel again and again, I lost the feature when upgraded and cannot set it again... any idea?

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