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Topic: Tamino! Step inside please:)

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    Tamino! Step inside please:)

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    Re: Tamino! Step inside please:)

    Now, let\'s recap the adjectives you\'ve used in this and the previous thread to describe Sam\'s piece so far: bland, unimaginative, nothing special, typical, so-so. It all adds up, doesn\'t it?

    I was only giving my honest personal opinion, half of the stuff you are quoting is about the harp.
    I am so sick and tired of that attitude that you should just say that everything is pretty?
    I don\'t flame you for liking it, do I? What then gives you the right to do that to me?

    Did mr. Hulick asked you to step in and defend him from the terror of Alex?

    Are you so thick taht you cant figure out that I am staiting my own personal opinion, nothing more nothing less. Sam is the one who will and have decided wether he cares for it or not.

    In what way does my personal opinion about that piece of music affects you?

    Maybe one day you will learn to appreciate music for what it is rather than criticizing it for what it isn\'t.

    This sounds so shallow...and pretty pointless too. You either like or you dont like piece of music, it speaks to you or it does not.When it doesnt most of the times it\'s because it just is not music for you, but sometimes you feel that something is missing and then if you are able to, you start analizing it. Can you get that?

    Oh and the newbie thing...I didn\'t think that that will hit you so hard dude...but you must admitt that you have started flaming somebody after just 11 posts, it is a bit funny, dont you think?

    Now what I would truly like to hear, is YOUR MUSIC.

    My guess is that it will totaly blow me away, because someone with your attitude must be one hell of a composer, otherwise you would be such a looser.

    So could you please send me a link to some of your work, I am seriously curious.

    Your flaming partner,


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    Re: Tamino! Step inside please:)


    I\'m not sure it matters too much what Tamino\'s music sounds like. Heck, I could\'ve asked you to post links to your stuff, but I didn\'t, because I realize one can still be a good critic and not be able to write a single note.

    That\'s all I\'m writing because I don\'t want to get involved in a flame war. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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