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Topic: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

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    MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    When playing a song with Cubase it all works well but once in a (short) while Cubase
    stucks and I get kind of a loop sound (as if you run a tape very fast with the playback button pressed).
    Only rebooting the computer will do.
    I think its a Giga problem because it does not happen when I play the song with a Roland Sound Canvas.
    Last time I even got a message: MSG32 error.
    Any idea?

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    Re: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    I understand you run both programs at one computer. Does this problem occurs also with a very few voices? I run the same setup (my comp. is powered by Celeron 500 MHz) and exactly the same thing happens as soon as I try to play more than 70 voices at once. I don\'t think there is a problem with Cubase or Gigasampler but rather that the computer can\'t cope anymore with the heavy load.


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    Re: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    I find it hard to believe its my 1 Ghz Pentium 3 256 Mb computer,
    How can I check it?
    Going to setup (Giga) and limit the number of voices?
    And if that is the problem how can it be solved? (even hardwarewise cause I cannot imagine a better computer right now,
    so there must be something wrong with my tunning).
    However, I remember once when it happened also when I muted everything and played only the Les Paul Giga Sampler guita (great sound by Sonic Implants, by the way).
    Thanks again for the answer, I will check

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    Re: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    What sound card and driver are you using?

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    Re: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    I believe the hung up problem is Cubase.
    I switched from Giga to drive the Roland Sound Canvas
    and the problem occured (though only once so far).
    I also believe it has nothing to do with the number of voices.
    I changed the max/min Cache and pput it very big, it still got stucked.
    I did not know where to change the ChunkSize though.
    I use Aardvark Aark 24.
    Their 5.14 driver causes me troubles so I use the 5.04 driver.
    But as I said the problem occurs also when I drive Roland SC8850 sound canvas with reglar Midi.
    It must be CUBASE! I am quite helpless!

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    Re: MSG32 stucks Giga, Is it Cubase?

    I have this same problem, using Cubase 5 with Gigastudio. I was thinking it was because I only have 128 Ram, but if you have 256m and it still does it...this is the error I last got, with Giga running at 53%:

    MSG32 caused an invalid page fault in module WSTRM32.DLL at 0167:baa03c68.

    Very frustrating. Any solutions???


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