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Topic: New browser for you feature-hungry surfers

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    New browser for you feature-hungry surfers

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    Well, not entirely new. But here\'s the deal:

    Mozilla, which is the codebase for Netscape 6.x/7.x, is going away soon. Mozilla is currently at 1.4 beta. After 1.4 is released (which might be Netscape 8.. I\'m not totally sure), it\'s all over. The Mozilla development team is turning their focus to Firebird (formerly known as Phoenix), a browser for the PC.

    I\'m using Firebird right now, and I must say, it rocks. It\'s going to be even better than Mozilla. The two browsers share a lot of common features:

    * tabbed browsing
    * built in pop-up blocking (works great!)
    * cookie manager
    * password manager
    * tons more I can\'t think of

    Firebird has the added advantage of supporting extensions. Once you get Firebird, you can go to http://texturizer.net/firebird/extensions.html and go nuts. These extensions add major features to Firebird, such as mouse gestures, expanded tab functionality (changing order of tabs, etc.), added functionality to the download manager, radial context menus, and more.

    Firebird is at version 0.6 I believe. It\'s still a bit unpolished and some things don\'t work exactly right. Even the preferences dialog box isn\'t done yet, so you\'ll have to go to about:config and change a lot of stuff there. So I\'d only suggest Firebird if you\'re a techie who likes to mess with new stuff.

    The latest Firebird can be grabbed from here: ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firebird/nightly -- just get the latest date. And one extension I highly recommend is the \"Popup ALT Attribute\" extension. It makes it so that ALT tags for images pop up tooltips like in IE (which is incorrect behavior, by the way, but so many sites use ALT for tooltips that it\'s nice to have an extension that lets you turn that on).


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    Re: New browser for you feature-hungry surfers

    Thanks for the tip Sam.

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