Hi everyone, I have been approached to do some tutorials on optimizing your computer for audio, focused in particular, on Windows XP. They range from very basic to advanced. Since many of you here have had a lot of experience tweaking your computer for audio, I thought I would post what I have come up with so far. I welcome any suggestions or criticisms if you think anything I have said is not accurate. Also, is there anything you think I have missed that should be included?

Some of the things I plan to talk about are;

Looks vs Functionality
- turning off visual effects
- reducing color bit depth
- turning off background images

General Maintenance and Operating Tips
- Disk Defrag
- Error Checking Hard Drives
- Creating Shortcuts
- How to properly remove programs
- System Restore, what it is and how to use it
- The Device Manager
- Applying updates

Installing Drivers
- different options when installing
- windows driver certification; what it is and how to turn it off
- rolling back a driver
- checking the current driver version
- updating a driver
- manually installing a driver

Optimizing Hard Drives for Audio
- Have a seperate drive, perhaps two; one for playback and one for recording
- turn off Indexing Service
- make sure drives are DMA enabled
- set all drives to master
- leave drive on it\'s own IDE cable
- Creating a disk partition

Optimizing Memory and Processor
- How much memory should you have? (check motherboard manual for limit)
- Creating a swap file (virtual memory)

General Performance Tips
- Processor Scheduling, set for background services
- turning off uneccessary services
- removing unwanted Windows components
- turn off Windows sounds

Regards, Scott.