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Topic: I need help correcting velocity sensitivity

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    I need help correcting velocity sensitivity

    I need to adjust (all) my piano samples to make them more sensitive to lower velocities. I

    I can fix my keyboard to any velocity value to test Gigasampler - when I choose 1, I expect to hear the slightest sound possible. Instead I hear a key that was struck quite a lot harder. There is no way to create a soft ppp note!

    I have read the other posts which include a mod wheel device. I have no such device. And I really don\'t want to soften the Bosendorfer much, I like it just the way it is. I just want to be able to play soft ppp (in addition to the other ranges).

    What are the steps to take in the editor to accomplish this with each of my samples?

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    Re: I need help correcting velocity sensitivity

    I have documented, and provided the steps to work-around this performance issue on my webpage at:

    Make sure to apply the described editing changes to all the dimensions.

    Warren Trachtman http://www.wstco.com/

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