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Topic: NS folks on IRC?

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    NS folks on IRC?

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    I saw in another thread someone mentioning IRC. Is there a net & channel where NS people hang out on IRC?

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    Re: NS folks on IRC?

    #Midi-Mockup I believe is the room.

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    Re: NS folks on IRC?

    everybody is welcome to join

    We are using efnet and the channel is #midi-mockup.



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    Re: NS folks on IRC?

    which network? efnet, dalnet? or is it a private irc server?

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    Re: NS folks on IRC?

    Server----> efnet
    Channel---> #midi-mockup


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    Re: NS folks on IRC?

    be warned, we make lots of jokes in here, and will give you some sort of nickname beyond your handle...

    like \"the meeper\"

    and dont ever list in the channel unless you want Jazz\'s kick/ban script from hell ..muuuwwahhahahahaha

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