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Topic: Music for the Media Course...

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    Music for the Media Course...

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    Hi, has anyone done this course or heard of it? Any thoughts? Opinions?

    Thanks, Scott.

    music for the media

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    Re: Music for the Media Course...

    Thanks Sharmy. I saw that thread but it seemed to get diverted into \"the relevance of having a musical degree\" and \"the importance of being able to read music\" discussion.

    I was wanting feedback from someone who has done the actual course and how they found it.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Music for the Media Course...

    Thanks Lee. All good points. I am getting out of the I.T. business for similiar reasons... Around two years ago I was charging double for what I do now...

    Added to that are all of these colleges offering careers in I.T. if you will just spend a small fortune with them first. They don\'t tell the prospective student about bottom falling out of the industry though....


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