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Topic: Here is Cubase Mixer Map for Gigastudio Reverb

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    Here is Cubase Mixer Map for Gigastudio Reverb

    Well I have come a long way over the past week - from trying to ascertain
    Cubase\'s capabilites compared to cakewalk, to becoming a firm believer in
    cubase\'s power. Anyway, here is a link to a mixer map that will control all
    aspects of Gigastudio\'s reverb.

    The CC assignments that need to be made in gigastudio are:

    room size CC20
    pre-delay CC21
    damping CC22
    decay CC23
    diffusion CC24
    effect CC91
    dry CC25
    low CC26
    mid CC27
    high CC28
    mid freq band CC29

    Snapshot 1 in the mixer map is set to Gigastudio\'s default reverb settings.

    If a more experienced user knows a better way to implement this please let
    me know - I am not sure if I have done this the best way.

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    Re: Here is Cubase Mixer Map for Gigastudio Reverb

    Please explain to a dummy like me
    who is using Cubase with Giga (and still has
    a lots of troubles)
    what this apping will do 4 me.
    I\'d really like to understand.

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    Re: Here is Cubase Mixer Map for Gigastudio Reverb

    In cubase, the mixer map lets you control MIDI devices (software or hardware). For instance, the mixer map I provided lets you control Gigastudio\'s reverb settings within cubase without having to go into gigastudio. Basically it is just a convenient way to mix your MIDI tracks because you can control all aspects of the MIDI tracks in cubase (track velocity, pan, effects, etc).


    To use the mixer map, you have to follow the instructions in the cubase manual called \"MIDI Track Mixer\". Basically this amounts to creating a \"mix track\" in cubase (as opposed to audio, drum, midi, etc). You then create a part (by double clicking between the L and R markers in cubase.

    The mixer map is currently set to output on MIDI channel 1, so in gigastudio, you have to activate the reverb on channel one. Then right click on each reverb parameter and select the bottom menu option (I think it says something like \"Set Controller Options). You then have to make the controller assignments that I listed in my last post.


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    Re: Here is Cubase Mixer Map for Gigastudio Reverb

    Thanks Brian.
    Now I understand why the Giga will not react to the modulation wheel...
    Thanks a lot.
    I will try to map now and see if it works.

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