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Topic: stereo/mono waves in editor - 'unmapped regions'

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    stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    I\'ve been building a gig from single shot percussion and, as long as the wave files are mono, everything is fine, but I note you can\'t mix stereo with mono or you get the \'unmapped region....\' and the file does not play. I\'ve noticed that you can start with stereo files, then add mono to the same instrument, but not visa versa, is this true? I notice you can\'t have mono files up against stereo files. Is there a place in Gigastudio that examines a file to tell you whether it\'s stereo or mono. Is there an easy way around this error message around mono/stereo? It really is time consuming and very frustrating when this message comes up, your help is welcome. I hope I\'ve made myself clear. If not, ask for more info. Thanks

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    I don\'t think there\'s anywhere in Giga that you can examine a wav file to see if it\'s mono or stereo. There should be.

    Something like Wavelab or Cool Edit Pro would probably be your best bet.

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    Been converting loads (100+ and counting ) of Akai-Giga recently and have hit upon the same \"snag\" myself...

    I know it\'s probably not much help but if you look at the Velocity pane (GS Edit) stereo shows as a split.

    The other alternative is to convert all your mono into stereo

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    I keep pressing the wrong buttons..sorry

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    Glad I\'m not alone on this. Yes, I think taking the time to convert to stereo from mono would solve a lot of problems, however, with a lot of single shot, dry hit, like a dumbek, I guess using mono would be more efficient. Now I\'ve got to learn the fastest way to convert to stereo, I have Sound Forge as my wave editor, and Sonar/Cakewalk 9. Which of these would you say is most efficient in number of steps for converting. Thanks for you help. Hey Chadwick, Canada\'s hot now, and no snakes or killer spiders. Ha Ha!

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    Has SounForge a batch converter?

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    Re: stereo/mono waves in editor - \'unmapped regions\'

    You Can Tell in GSEdit
    In the sample pool directory a stereo wave icon next to the name comes up as two squiggly lines and a mono as one. This is a recent change because I had the same snag.
    So now I can sort** out the files in the pool.
    **but beware of the annoying bug that doesn\'t let you scroll the list while holding a sample. I wish they\'d fix this.
    We also need to be able to hear the samples when you select them and in the import samples dialog.

    On the subject of batch mono<>stereo, normalise, rate convert, tune sample
    Look no further than free \"AutoTune\" by www.analogx.com. Excellent uitiltities

    Ben Chase
    Core Element

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