Thank you in advance, to all who reply to this post!

I am probably going to have SoundChaser build a rackmount Gigastudio160 system for me for live performance and for in the studio use.

The system that they will build will have either 1 gig or 3/4 of a gig (roughly) of ram with the fastest AMD chip and several of the fastest drives that they have along with a removable drive. I will have multiple midi ins/outs as well as digital and analog ins/outs so that it will interface with my rig and studio. It will be word clocked with an Aardvark Aard Synd II master sync generator and the questions are as follows:

I am a guitar synth player in the style of Robert Fripp (not as good mind you) and other non keyboard synth artists.

My question is about the capabilities for pitch bend and expressivity etc... I mainly use a Roland XV5080 rackmount synth as my tone module being driven by a Roland GR33 pitch to midi converter just to access the tones on the Roland XV5080. It sounds great and I can get really expressive tones that can bend, hammer-on, slide up and down and they sound very good. Having the ability to either adjust the pitch bend range as well as parameters that can effect the tones/patches pertaining to expressive playing would be important, especially for a guitarist, so that the expense of this system and it\'s tonal advantages could be justified.

Does Gigastudio allow for control over the parameters of the tones/patches in this fashion, relating to pitch bend, etc.....?

Will it work for my needs?

I will buy it, if will allow for expressive playing that can be controlled like my Roland XV5080 and which will enable me to play the tones with feeling in a guitarist\'s style?

Obviously I know that if I were to play a piano patch and bend a note, that it would not sound right but other tones and instruments sound great with some guitar techniques.

So I am not expecting a miracle. I realize that sometimes it is not possible because of the type of tone in some instances due to realism but usually most tones can be played with a lot more feeling on synths. Is this possible on Gigastudio160 in a live performance situation?

I will be playing this directly from my Godin LGX-SA 13pin Roland ready guitar that is connected into a Roland GR33 pitch to midi converter that will then be patched into Gigastudio160 and the Roland XV5080.

Additionally, latency is important just like tracking and the pitch bend expressivity that I had mentioned earlier but SoundChaser has assured me that Latency is really not an issue based upon the system that they will build for me, do you agree with that?

I hope that Gigastudio160 can meet my needs and I await the responses from this forum eagerly.

If not, are there any options to this or any plans to allow for greater expression in the future that you might know about?

I would sure love to purchase it based upon its specifications and I hope that I have been clear on what it is that I need.


Crimson - Radiowave - Greg Paugh

PS - the above link will take you to my mp3 site where I made my first CD \"Journey Thru Oz!\" by Radiowave which was entirely done on guitar synth recorded in NUENDO using the Roland GR33 and XV5080 all played live into NUENDO from my Godin midi-guitar. This will give an idea of my possible needs even though on this particular CD I did very little pitch bending because of the theme of the CD. If you like the CD let me know. Thanks again for your help!!! Have a great Day!