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Topic: These new "areas" are annoying.

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    These new "areas" are annoying.

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    I don\'t really understand the point of creating a new discussion area if you\'re only going to have one Topic Area to go to. Also, there are now way too many I think. This site is not active enough to warrant all these different areas. As you can see the most active one (the sample libraries discussion) contains topics from the past couple days on a single page. There is no need to have all these categories.

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    Re: These new "areas" are annoying.

    Har har. But seriously, I think the forum is getting a bit cluttered with all these topic areas.

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    Re: These new "areas" are annoying.

    I\'m sure Northern Sounds is hoping to grow the site to include more than just a few dozen composers. I think the new layout is perfect, for growth in mind. Especially when they\'ll start attracting more general (non composer types, like me!) users. If everyone posted in the same forum area all the time, recent posts could go un-noticed very easily resulting in no replies. I\'m sure most of us just scam the first 10 or so message subjects anyway.

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