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Topic: Recommended sequencer for editing midi controller data

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    Recommended sequencer for editing midi controller data


    I\'m just using lil\' ol\' CubasisVST and Gigasampler on my PC and FreeStyle on an old Mac to put together compositions.

    I\'m looking to upgrade to a full-featured sequencer.

    I was wondering if there is a sequencer out there besides Digital Performer that has \"pre-built\" controller data...to where you can just plop-in editable, spline-based controllers. Drawing them in by hand and cleaning them up can be a real pain.

    If not, is it hard/expensive to get Digital Performer on the Mac working with a standalone, Giga pc? Would you need software like Mac/PC LAN to make this work?

    Someone may be sending me a B&W G3 tower, G4 cube or newer iMac for free, and I\'m going to be converting one of my old pc\'s into a dedicated giga system. So that part should be covered.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Re: Recommended sequencer for editing midi controller data

    You will not need anything more than a simple MIDI cable to get your GIGAStudio working with a Mac running whatever software you like. Once you get the PC configured for GS (soundcard, MIDI ports, etc) then all you need is a MIDI cable coming out of the MIDI interface connected to your Mac since all that GS needs is MIDI info from your sequencer.
    You will enjoy more convenience if you network your computers (using Appletalk or TCP/IP or whatever) but only because you can pass files around easily. You don\'t need this to work. I had my GS up and running perfectly for a month before I integrated it into my ethernet network. Until then, the only way the computers were connected was via 2 MIDI cables - MIDI in Port 1, and MIDI in Port 2.
    As for sequencers, it\'s an age-old battle. Everyone has their preference. I have been using Cubase for quite a while and it\'s what I\'m used to and I love it. Obviously I recommend it but it may not be for you. You\'ll have to check that out for yourself.
    You can use MOTU Digital Performer, Cubase, Emagic Logic, Nuendo...any one of the major sequencers, and be assured that lots of pros are using what you\'re using.
    Hope this is helpful somehow...

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    Re: Recommended sequencer for editing midi controller data

    Logic has several ways in which controller data can be edited: one way is to edit it directly in the arange window (the one where you view all the tracks), which can be done by moving control points connected by straight lines. Not sure to what extent splines are possible.

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    Re: Recommended sequencer for editing midi controller data

    Cool :-)

    Thanks for the feedback.

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