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Topic: VSL to Kontakt

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    VSL to Kontakt

    Perhaps this topic is already somewhere in the forums, I\'m not sure, but anyway....
    I am interested in one or two of the VSL packages, but I prefer Kontakt - does anyone have any experience in successfully converting VSL to Kontakt. I know there\'s some sort of performance tool with the Performance set - any way to make that work with Kontakt? I\'m not really worried about an easy conversion, I can manually recreate the x-fades and such if necessary, but any experiences here would help. I know that EWQLSO is the logical choice for a Kontakt-only user, and I don\'t have that yet either, but I\'ve heard that the Perf Set and Woodwinds from VSL or a must have for serious work, I just don\'t want to get into Giga. Been using Kontakt and Akai stuff, and that\'s where I want to stay.


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    Re: VSL to Kontakt


    it is my understanding that we have to wait for version 1.5 of Kontakt to do this..
    I have run QLEWSO as a DXI in Sonar 3.0 Producer and all other Kontakt voices including Giga libraries as a DXI in Kontakt To Sonar 3.0 Producer too..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    I know people who are running VSL in Kontakt and Halion. U need a midi loopback device to run the performance tools(midi yolk,or maple tools from marblesounds.com). About 80% of the lib. will convert easily and the other 20% is dif***ult because of the diff. between the architecture of GS and kontakt .GS uses mutli-matrix dimentions or something like that in VSL and Kontakt 1.2 doesnt handle that. Kontakt 1.5 may be different .We`ll see. Basically,VSl works in Kontakt but some patchs may not work perfectly with 1.2. I`ve loaded the demo cube in and it worked perfectly. Good luck,Rich

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    Thanks a bunch guys! Sounds like it\'ll be an adventure, but I usually have good luck with things like this, so maybe it won\'t be that bad. I don\'t really have a problem with manually doing some of the conversion, so 80% would be bonus!


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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    I have converted the individual articulations only, and they work fine. They sound the same as when giga plays them.

    The key-switched instruments will not convert correctly. I would like to see this feature fixed.

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    Does this mean all of the legato instruments don\'t work either in Kontakt? Don\'t they have keyswitches that are used by the performance tool?

    Or are you just talking about the normal keyswitch instruments?

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    I have recently converted a key-switch patch that works fine. No special re-working was required.
    The legato patches uses key-switching. They ought to function correctly.

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    the legato patches will work fine in Kontakt.

    its the ones that use Kswitches AND the mod wheel that dont work, which is like %5 of the library, and you can make variations of these that only use KS instead of both.... so you dont need ot miss out on those patches.

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    Re: VSL to Kontakt

    King, is it possible to program the MW info for VSL into each group of each \"keyswitch\" like u can in VOTA? Or is it too much of a hassle? Hi again [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Rich

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