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Topic: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

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    Who knows a good WAV-editor ?


    I´ve been using sample-wrench XE that came with Gigasampler. I also had a look at wrench full version.

    It is a good program but has a very nasty bug: When you cut samples at the beginning, the loop information is recalculated wrongly so that the loops get trash. You have to manually recalculate loop points which is annoying.

    I am looking for a WAV-editor that is designed not only for single waves but has tools for editing BANKS of waves at a time like we find them in GStudio.

    Also it seems that many products do not have the right tools to find LOOP points (there is a very strong feature in wrench full version to handle this).

    And: Is there a wave editor that can work with macros ?

    Who can recommend a wave editor ?


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    Re: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

    I think you might want to look into Sonic Foundry\'s Sound Forge. As for editing banks of waves, I\'m not sure I understand what you mean. There is a batch utility with sound forge that let\'s you process groups of waves using different various parameters. You can download a demo version from their website

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    Re: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

    I just recently did a lot of research about the options and settled on Wavelab. I\'m very pleased with it. It\'s got great looping tools--the best I found. I tried both Sound Forge and Cool Edit before deciding. You can get a demo of Wavelab at the Steinberg site.

    I, also, am not clear about your questions regarding editing banks of sounds at once . . . .

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    Re: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

    Wavelab is a spectacular editor. Get it and don\'t look back. It is untouchable.

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    Re: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

    I love my Wavelab

    very friendly and quick.

    Not totally intuitive, but no programme with so much in it could be anyway.

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    Re: Who knows a good WAV-editor ?

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will have a look at wavelab.


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