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Topic: Program Change

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    Program Change

    Is there a way to set specific instruments (like .gig files of Worra or sonicimplants or whatever) so they obey a specific program change.
    For example I prefer the Hofner bass pick on the GM bass, how can I make sure that whenever I open a file with a bass it will open the Hofner bass that I like and not the GM one?

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    Re: Program Change

    You always have to put the program you like into the *.gig file that you load. Use the instrument editor to add your bass to the GM-bank and give it the program number that you like. The program will only respond to messages that you´ve edited.

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    Re: Program Change

    Thanks for the answer
    Yet I am not sure I know how to program the
    program number into a specific loaded instrument.
    when I drop a MIDI file into Giga Sampler
    it immediately load the GM500 instruments and open the Cubase sequencer with the MIDI instruments loaded.
    How does it know which instruments (.gig) to load?
    How does it know to load the GM .gig file and not another one?
    Thanks for the answer

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