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Topic: Bank Changes doesn't seem to work????

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    Bank Changes doesn\'t seem to work????

    Hi everyone,

    For a few weeks I have been using Gigasampler LE. I think it\'s a great program but I have a problem. I want to use BankChange messages. But when I save an instrument with a Bank Change it won\'t respond to that or any other BankChange. When I save an instrument with BankChange \"0\" it ignores any bankchange and only responds to the program change...
    What am I doing wrong here, or is it a bug in the program???
    Can someone help me with thisone?????

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    Re: Bank Changes doesn\'t seem to work????

    As far as I remember my Gigasampler-times, bank change did not work - there is a bug.

    If you like and use the GSampler-technology I strongly reccommend to go for GStudio 96. It is really a huge step forward.

    P.S. I am not from Nemesys or a dealer.

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    Re: Bank Changes doesn\'t seem to work????

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Horst:
    Thanks for the tip Horst. At least I know I\'m not crazy! Do you by any change know if the problem with the BankChanges messages is solved in Gigastudio? I\'m using Gigasampler \"live\" so I\'m changing the instruments with the buttons on my keyboard...that is, if the BankChanges work....
    Anyway, thanks again for the tip!

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    Re: Bank Changes doesn\'t seem to work????

    Yes, Bank Changes now work in GigaStudio.

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    Re: Bank Changes doesn\'t seem to work????

    Yes, bank change works with Gigastudio. But to make it work you have to address the bank switching MSB and LSB in correct order. I had some hazzle with this until some from the Nemesys guys helped me. But basically it works just fine.

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