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Topic: Crash on ME

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    Crash on ME

    = Hello: I\'m running Gigasampler 96 on a Gateway 933 Pentium III with 386 MB of RAM and a Soundblaster Live Platinum sound card and a 45GB UATA 100 HDD, OS windows ME. At first using GS seemed O.K. but each time I filled my harddrive up to about 10 GB my system would completely freeze. On restarting I would get various messages pointing to a problem with my hard drive, such as \"System error Windows cannot read from drive C\". This freeze happened repeatedly in each case there was no way to proceed but to do a clean install of windows. Reinstalling Giga along with all my other software it would operate fine until i got to the 10 gb stage then the same freeze. Unfortunately I purchased Gigasampler at the same time as my computer so that it was very difficult to narrow the trouble down to Giga. Gateway replaced the Harddrive and took the computer back for an complete check. I\'ve now been using the computer for about 2 months without giga installed and have had no problems.

    Of course I would like to be able to use Giga on this system but am afraid to install it. The only difference between the installed software when the computer was freezing and now is giga. Could anyone offer any advice as to how to get giga up and running safely? Does the latest patch make a diff? Thanks

    thank you, Mike Leonard GS serial # 711R-R9ZM0E0D
    P.S. I would get the following error after installing the GS patch \"Msgsrv 32 caused error w stream .dll\" if that is of any use.

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    Re: Crash on ME

    It should be safe to install GigaStudio now. The error you were getting is caused by a bad hard drive and not caused by GigaStudio. Running Scandisk on the system before the hard drive was replaced would have shown bad sectors in that area of the hard drive and maybe other areas as well.

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    Re: Crash on ME

    sorry i didn\'t phrase that well. My harddrive was erroneously replaced. I reinstalled GS after installing the new hard drive only to find the problem remained. For certain it was GS crashing the system. But i wonder now after waiting for more recent patches it might be ok to try again.

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    Re: Crash on ME


    If you feel that Gigastudio is the culprit here, try doing a step by step installation paying very close attention to what goes onto the system in what order. the fact that it is crapping out at 10 gigs is rather suspect to me.

    Try installing Gigastudio with the included instruments and see what happens. If you are cool with the basics, try adding one instrument after another, launching the application when each new one is installed to see if perhaps you are installing a bad Giga instrument file.

    Sounds to me like a file that is being installed has a munged or badly corrupted file.

    Try this troubleshooting approach and see if you can nail down the problem.


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    Re: Crash on ME


    If I were you, I would go back to WIN98 SE. There are several bad experiences with ME. I myself have tried ME twice - and went back to Win98 SE everytime. ME is Bigger and buggier.


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    Re: Crash on ME

    ME works perfectly for me. Most of the time it seems that the conflicts and issues are more hardware related.

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