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Topic: Need Help!

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    Need Help!

    I am new to Giga. My questions are:
    A. How do I assign different sound to each key on the keyboard?
    B. How do I make a 6 second drum beat loop without liftting my finger(after 6 seconds the loop stops playing and the only to get it to sound is if I press the key again)
    your help is very much appreciated!

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    Re: Need Help!

    Hey Rainriver!

    For (A) try these tutorials:

    For (B) - How to make a drum beat loop.

    Gigastudio is not really a sampler/editor but it does have a basic loop feature in the editing section. Ideally you should try something like SOund Forge, Wavelab or CoolEdit which have fab graphich editing to make things more intuitive. If you insist on doing it in Giga - do this

    1. Load the sample into Gigastudio.

    2. Click on the green arrow in the instrument slot you just loaded your sample into and choose \'edit\'. This loads the GS editor with your sample in the top window.

    3. Highlight the sample\'s region.

    4. Click on the case tab called \'sampler\', where you can see a set of loop parameters.

    5. Check the \'enable\' box.

    6. Choose some numbers for start and end. These will determine your loop length. This is where a graphich editor is way more useful, but you can still do it by ear. The bummer is, with a six second loop you have to listen to the sample for six seconds to hear if your numbers are right on the beat.

    If the loop is trimmed properly, ) is usually the right number for the loop start. The end point will be a metter of hit and miss

    7. After adjusting the loop end point, be sure to use the apply function so that you can hear your change.

    8. After tiring of this, download a demo of sound forge or cool edit pro and use that to set your loops up, then import the sample into the GS Editor

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    Re: Need Help!

    Thank you Chadwick! I have SF4.0 & CE-PRO
    I\'ll try it tonight.

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