This is more of a hardware post, but since it may give better polyphony and cooperation with a sequencer, I post it here as well.

I have come accross something interesting that may help to improve performance:
Certain motherboards (e.g. Asus CUSL2 and derivatives) have a so-called \"priority\" PCI slot (check the motherboard manual, also this feature may need to be enabled in the BIOS).

A card placed in this particular slot will thus receive priority over the other cards, by being serviced first.

Suggestion 1:

If you are using a plug-in SCSI controller or IDE controller, plug it into this slot and turn priority PCI on in the BIOS. This seems to radically improve the access time (plug-in cards can otherwise add as much as 20ms to the access time and thus lead to low polyphony). With an Asus CUSL2C I can achieve poly=160 from a drive connected to the onboard IDE, as well as achieving poly=160 from a drive connected to a Promise Ultra 66 controller plugged into this slot (Gigapiano, no clicks).

Suggestion 2:

If you don\'t have any plug-in controllers, but do have a priority PCI slot, try moving your soundcard to that slot, and turn priority PCI on in the BIOS. This will ensure that the system will be able to more rapidly service your soundcard interrupts, and you should thus be able to achieve lower latency, smaller buffers and possibly higher polyphony.