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Topic: Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

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    Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

    I am running win98SE and when I play a MIDI file in Cubase or Cakewalk (using Gigastudio 160) I need to set my Delta1010\'s latency to 12ms to get rid of crackles. Before I was running regular win98 and everything was fine! Can anyone imagine why the delta is suddenly having trouble now??


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    Re: Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

    Did you do an upgrade or fresh install to SE?

    Either way, you might need to try some optimization tweaks. There is a good document at the Tascam webpage with some good things to try.


    It sounds like it just might be a performance tweak. This doc is pretty informative.


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    Re: Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

    Thats weird Brian. I also run Giga with Cakewalk PA9 and a Delta 1010. You\'ve probably done this already but I\'ll ask anyway. Have you lowered your graphics acceleration down one notch? (Right click on My Computer-Properties-Performance-Graphics)
    I used to get all kinds of pops and crackles when my graphics acceleration was turned up to high.
    Also, do you have the latest drivers for your Delta 1010?
    Good luck

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    Re: Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

    I have done most tweaks (turning off graphics acceleration, etc) and I do have the latest drivers. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have an Athlon system with VIA chipset. I hear Pentium systems tend to be more stable.

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    Re: Crackles when playing MIDI files!!!

    I had an Asus MB with the Via Chip set and was having problems with my Layla. I went out to their website and downloaded the latest drivers for my MB and chip set which eliminated the hardware hangup problem. It might be applicable to your situation since most software requires Intel hardware or suggests using Intel

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