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Topic: v2.2 experiences?

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    v2.2 experiences?

    Just curious what folks\' experience w/ v2.2 has been so far. I would like to know what to expect before I commit.



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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by John DeBorde:
    Just curious what folks\' experience w/ v2.2 has been so far. I would like to know what to expect before I commit.



    What are you comparing it to? Beta versions of 2.2, 2.1, GigaSampler?

    My experience has been that each version has worked a little better than the previous, and I can\'t recall any new bugs being introduced. For me, being able to set the priority at which the sequencer runs is a big plus.

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    I guess to the latest non-beta build, 2.1.36 I believe.

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    Well, it\'s been a big improvement for me. Lots of little things, and the new speedy loading of gigs into the editor is *very* nice. I haven\'t had a chance to play with some other features, like Envelope Time Modulation. All in all, I can\'t think of any reason not to get the latest version.

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    version 2.2 is a nice improvement and seems very stable. It is well worth updating. GigaSampler users should certainly update to GigaStudio v2.2 as well - the upgrade Summer Sale makes it an absolute bargain! http://www.nemesysmusic.com/wheretobuy/SummerSavings

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    P.S. Per the promotional special (via link in previous message), GigaSampler LE users can upgrade to GigaStudio 96 v2.2 for only $149, and GigaSampler (Full) can upgrade to GigaStudio 160 v2.2 for only $149. A very good time to upgrade to version 2.2!

    If you already are a GigaStudio user, you can update your GigaStudio to v2.2 for free.

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    Excellent!! We are all very happy that version 2.2 is being received so well. Version 2.2 is based on YOUR input, and we want to thank you all for helping make GigaStudio the best tool for professional composers.

    Keep those wish list ideas coming!!

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    I upgraded to 2.2 with no problem here and it\'s running great.

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    Perhaps I\'m the only one who\'s had a problem.. My download of 2.2 crashed as I was installing in after the download, and caused the computer to become unable to boot up at all, except in safe mode. After three days of working with the Dell support people, Nemesys sent me instructions as to which files I had to uninstall in addition to the basic uninstall of the program.

    The Computer then began to function, but all of the drivers had mysteriously disappeared, or had defaulted to the most rudimentary settings. It took another half-hour with Dell to restore the machine to its pre-upgrade status.

    I\'m looking forward to 2.2, but am quite afraid of the consequences of another bad installation.

    My only advice, if you meet this fate, is to get to another working computer and e-mail nemesys support asking how to uninstall all files associated with 2.2. Unfortunately, they seem not to answer their phone, and didn\'t return messages for two days (and counting).

    Good luck,

    Mitch Farber

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    Re: v2.2 experiences?

    For some reason I\'m still getting that weird vibrato on one of my tracks. It only does it once when I first play my song in Cakewalk, then it stops once I stop the song and play the sound then restart the song. Other then that version 2.2 has been great. I especially love the quickness of the Giga editor now!

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