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Topic: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

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    Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    If I dedicate a Nemesys recommended spec (IDE) PC to running GigaStudio, what kind of results can I expect? Am I going to be constantly fighting with settings, pops and polyphony problems or will it actually work and will it work reliably. I\'m not a hobbyist, I want to spend my energy creating music not fighting with computers.

    I see enough problems noted in this forum to have stuck with my hardware samplers so far. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    I\'m running Giga 96 on a Hewlett Packard 670 MHz Pentium 3, 512 megs of SDRAM, 2 hard drives-8 gig for programs and a 30 gig for audio and gigs. Never experienced the pops or clicks problem. Been working like a charm.
    I had pops and clicks when I first got my Delta 1010 soundcard (before I even had Gigastudio) and that was because my graphics acceleration was turned all the way up to high. I called Midiman and they told me to lower it one notch and the pops went away.
    Giga has brought me great success and expanded my creativity tremendously. I highly recommend it especially now that the new version (2.20) is out.
    Go for it!

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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    Thanks Damon

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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    I\'m the CTO of a local Arts Production studio and have had the same questions. I\'ve spent more time fighting with Win98SE/Gigasampler (not studio)/Soundblaster/DirectPro 24/96 than I have making music. If the answer is to put Giga on a standalone PC; then I\'d rather go out and buy a Kurzweil rack 2600 or something simliar. The cost of a standalone PC plus my time managing the SW/HW issues have far exceeded a hardware based sampler in terms of cost. There aren\'t any compatability issues with H/W based samplers. But keep in mind the context of what I\'m doing. I\'m not into the creation or modification of new sounds/samples; being able to create music whether for film scores, or audio for multimedia under tight timeframes and low budgets is important to me. Others have different goals for Gigasampler and I suspect the product meets their needs fine.


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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???


    I think that you are overlooking the most important feature of Gigastudio...The quality of the sampled sounds.

    Hardware based samplers are going the way of the Dodo. I have worked with Akai and Kurzweil samplers for the last 10 years. Compare a piano being played from 64 Mb in a hardware sampler with a 1 Gig Giga piano......If you know anything about sampled sounds, you will not be able to present any sort of argument in favor of the hardware based sampler.

    If you are working in the music-for-film-and-tv arena, how could you consider a hardware based sampler? There are so many advantages above and beyond the quality of the sounds like virtually unlimited room to load patches, blazing quick loading of instruments, data base search tools, and so on and so on.......

    The PC doesn\'t need to be a big battle. If you pay attention to setting up the system correctly with recommended components, you should not have that many issues. Any issues that you may encounter can usually be diagnosed with the help of people like the ones in this forum.

    My system works flawlessly. If computers are a daunting notion for you, than you might want to make the effort to learn more about them. The wave of the future is such a silly saying......but in this case.

    I don\'t think that there has been such a major revolution in the recording/performing community as there is at this very moment. Tape based recorders are all but dead and gone, being replaced by hard disk technologies....Hardware based samplers are most definitely on the ropes, at least until Nemesys develops a hardware unit based on their godlike technology

    Sorry for the spew....just had 4 cups of coffee.


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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    Thanks for your reply Otis. What is your position at Nemesys?

    The issue is not with computers, I\'ve been running Logic since was ported over to the PC platform.

    The issue is GigaStudio, based on all of the problems I see posted here, it still seems like a great idea that aint quite there yet.

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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    I want to come to OTIS\' defence here (and btw... very very cheap remark about working for Nemesys...). Of course there are problems with Gigastudio, but not more problems than with other programs and hardware combinations. Chipsets, motherboards, harddrives, soundcards and their drivers etc all add to making problems more likely to appear. Currently I run Gigastudio on a dedicated AMD Tbird 1ghz with 512mb RAM and a VIA KT133 chipset motherboard and I get 160 voices without any clicks or pops. When I had my P3 667 running Gigastudio I wasn\'t so lucky, I think the VIA chipset (Apollo 133 Pro) wasn\'t very happy working with my soundcard+HD\'s at the same time....

    It would be cool if Nemesys could give some guidelines as to which mobo\'s to choose and such though, just like Creamware are recommending ASUS CUSL2 or other i815 based motherboards for Pulsar. Because finding a good combination can be pretty costly if you have to buy several motherboards and soundcards before you find a good match...

    Well... bottom line. If you first get Gigastudio going on a good system, it works without any major problems.

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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    I don\'t necessarily know if you need a super-fast PC with the latest drives for a dedicated PC, just a well configured one. I\'ve got an old Celeron 366 overclocked to 550 on an abit board running Win98. I run Gigastudio and get 160 voices, I have 56 sounds loaded into my Orchestral setup, PLUS I run Acid at the same time using MTC and a second audio card. I couldn\'t be happier. It\'s simply boot the PC, load the templates, and make music. To top it off, my midi/audio rig is a MAC 9600 running Logic(with PT24 hw). And it is SO solid - it doesn\'t crash for days. My point is, before you think you need to run out and buy a 1.5Ghz PC, take a look at your configuration and tweak it first. You may have the machine you need already. Good luck.


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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???


    Sorry you took my enthusiasm for GigaStudio as some sort of sales pitch....I assure that it was not meant to be. I am sure that you have been passionate about a tool that you felt was revolutionary, and worthy of some rambling praise.....or perhaps you haven\'t.

    As far as questioning your ability to work in the computerized domain, that was not my intention either. I merely was trying to point out that perhaps you should make the effort to look beyond the \"fire....baaaad!!\" attitudes that seem to be circulating in the recording communities regarding audio on computers, and more specifically PC\'s. Simon summed it up best, and perhaps better articulated my point. If you set up a system correctly, you will have a successful time \"creating music and not fighting with computers\".

    Anyone who has been involved with a complex piece of software like Logic from when it was first ported over to the PC platform, should know that computers, and all of the variables that go along with applications on the PC platform can be a delicate endeavor at best.

    If your system is unstable, your application will be too.

    This forum appears to be full of problematic Gigastudio systems mainly because this is not only a resource for folks to learn from other users, but also to help those having difficulties with their systems. Honestly, most of the users who are not having problems are probably working and not necessarily in this forum. I\'m here because I have too much time on my hands, and I enjoy interacting and exchanging ideas with others....when I\'m not offending and pissing them off .

    Once again, it was not my intention to question your computer abilities, merely to offer another way of looking at your initial inquiry.


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    Re: Results with dedicated GigaStudio PC???

    If you\'re like me and see the potential that giga offers now and in the future you\'ll understand that even if you are puter handy capped as I am/was you could pay for a system set up for you as I did... This system kicks total *** .. It\'s a dedicated system... Loads of room and the simplicity of actually sampling **** is too simple..
    I\'ve got the system in a post setup for a short time.. The place bought and paid for the soundfx\'s libraries... The sound quality alone is worth every penny...
    For me as a song writer.. I\'m sorry but I composed 3 songs with the giga piano by itself. I used to fill up a song to cover up the piano(JV 1080) cause the were so cheezy..
    I ended up stuggling to get this system to run with logic on one system. I got it working finally and realized that it\'s just too much damn work recording all the giga stuff in the daw on every pass cause a p3 866 couldn\'t handle the work... I realize the ability of the giga system... I paid approx $1200 more than street price to get it all going with the components I wanted... All with a Mirror image of everything now on another drive just in case windoz or a drive dies..
    If you don\'t go to gigastudio that\'s just one more customer for me..
    The choice is yours..

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