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Topic: What is Your Favourite Garritan Library?

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    What is Your Favourite Garritan Library?

    What is your favourite Garritan Library!? I would have to say that mine is Garritan Instant Orchestra. I generally compose with full ensembles and not so much on the solo part, so GIO has really helped out a lot. I love the harp in GIO, it's still one of my favourites. The choir is also good. It has a different kind of a sound that you don't find in these big expensive choir libraries. I find the GIO choirs really haunting and warm.



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    Re: What is Your Favourite Garritan Library?

    JABB. Horns with mutes. Use it all the time.

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    Re: What is Your Favourite Garritan Library?

    I have all of the Garritan libraries except the most recent piano offering. Probably 99% of what I write and sell is done with GPO with a few samples from the others - usually to get a particular color on a specific instrument. Not using a DAW, I am somewhat limited to samples that play with ARIA.

    However, since of the things I sell are probably 60% choral, I found a way to load EW symphonic Choirs into Finale 2014. But all accompaniments are Garritan libraries.


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    Re: What is Your Favourite Garritan Library?

    JABB by far. But I make good use of GPO, CAMB and World too, but I think my favorite is JABB.
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