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Topic: Importing SAM Horns into Kompakt

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    Importing SAM Horns into Kompakt

    I\'ve just spent a while importing SAM Horns into Kompakt using the Kontakt files from Project SAM. It worked well. I got the same error messages as others in this thread about incomplete or corrupt files, but just worked through them and everything was fine.

    Everything imported correctly, ie keyswitches, MW crossfades, etc. The only thing I had to do that was a bit tedious was to load each programme, click through the warnings that the programmes were in Kontakt format, find the samples and then resave just the patch only, back into the same directory. Now everything loads properly, (and a lot faster than giga)

    One question though I\'ve converted the update looped samples but don\'t know which patches to use them with as there isn\'t a sepatate folder for them. Any ideas anyone?

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    Re: Importing SAM Horns into Kompakt


    this warning or error is common..I\'ve been working with the Bigga Giggas Sax library for a Soprano User Demo in the works..

    I just let the error happen and all is ok..

    If you exit Kontakt having that Giga conversion as the last instruction, Kontakt will open with an error. This error will happen in Sonar or as a stand alone. To avoid this just open a Kontakt sample before you exit..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Importing SAM Horns into Kompakt

    Alan what is the Bigga Gigga Sax Library like after conversion to Kontakt? I have been interested in this library a long time. I was promised a very long time ago that a Kontakt version is coming out - nothing so far.

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