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Topic: Multiple hard drives

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    Re: Multiple hard drives

    Streaming is a lot smoother with multiple drives..not tried different inst on different drives but, i\'m getting great performance streaming from D: and rendering to C:

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    Re: Multiple hard drives

    It works fine, and maybe it works better than having everything streaming off one HD. I have my GIG files spread over 3 HD\'s (4 partitions).

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    Re: Multiple hard drives

    If you have SCSI you can stream hefty samples from your SCSI drive and use your IDE drives as \"spares\". Not that an UWSCSI drive usually chokes that often :-)

    What about having two IDE drives each on their own channel (not as a slave, but both as master drives)?

    I have also wondered how a raid drive setup will perform in comparison to an SCSI non-raid drive setup for Giga. Has anyone done any comparisons between the two to see if one or the other has any positive or negative performance issues? A high speed SCSI setup is still so darned expensive.


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    Multiple hard drives

    I only have one audio drive, so this may be a silly question.

    Can Giga handle multiple audio drives. Can I have one instrument on one drive, and another instrument on another drive, and get better streaming performance.


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    Re: Multiple hard drives

    Multiple hard drives is the way to go for sure. I have over 40 Gigabytes of patches spread over three 18 Gig Ultra 160 Baracudas.

    The thing to remember is the less the stylus has to jet all over the platters of the drive, the less it has to work, and as a result...better performance.

    SCSI drives have come down in price soo much lately, it makes sense to look at them for the seek time specs alone. IDE still hasn\'t gotten there yet.


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