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Topic: Gigasampler and Logic

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    Gigasampler and Logic

    I just started to work with GS and I need some help how to involve GS in Logic what settings have I to try out. I like to record the GS Sounds with my sequencer. What will I have to do from the beginning.
    Thanks for some help

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    Re: Gigasampler and Logic

    Any chance you could be a bit more specific?

    A couple of observations...Unless you have two sound cards, recording directly into Logic isn\'t really an option
    Dis-able the Unified Midi Engine (solves allsorts of unsavory gubbins..midi timing/sync loss/ASIO errors)

    I tend to have the greatest success when i use the sampler (synced to Logic start) to render my innane ramblings then, import into Logic as Audio (NFX-PlatinumVerb..no contest really
    Annoying thing #299 Gigastudio doesn\'t render individual channels as .wavs..18*5mins is a lot of wasted time (apparently time well spent tidying up

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