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Topic: fatal error and blue screen .......

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    fatal error and blue screen .......

    Hi guys,

    I\' m really in big troubles .........

    I have a \"fatal error\" and blue screen when I close the \"capture to wave\" dialog box ...... I must reset my computer and choose windows without failure.

    I have Gigastudio 96 v 2.00
    P III 1 Ghz
    768 Mo
    Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI
    Delta 66 Audio card for Gigastudio
    Gina 20 Audio card for Cubase 5
    4,5 Go UW SCSI for Windows and programs
    9 Go UW SCSI for Cubase audio
    9 Go UW SCSI for Gigastudio files

    PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chouine from Paris

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    Re: fatal error and blue screen .......

    HI,it\'s funny because I had the same trouble tonight :it happend to me because when I changed the bit depht in the sempler settings from 16 to 24 and I changed the buffer size 0.5 to 2 mb.Now I have to try to come back to the older settings but I\'m tired to restart every time;howewhere I hope this is the reason.

    I have a question for you:I use cakewalk 9.0 and gigastudio but when I use the audio capture the wave file run in late with the rest of the song.It\'s a cakewak problem or gigastudio?Have you some suggest to convert midi to wave?Thank you

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    Re: fatal error and blue screen .......

    Hi !
    I\' m really sad today because this is a big big problem !!!
    You know, Gigastudio is an amazing software but without \"capture to wave\" .......

    I\' ll try to download the new update v2.20 maybe .......... please ........... I hope so !!!!

    Have a nice day
    Chouine from Paris

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    Re: fatal error and blue screen .......

    If you are confident you have the latest drivers for your soundcard, then I would start eliminating software possibilities. Turn off all applications running in the background that aren\'t necessary (ctrl+alt+delete). For the most part, this usually just means leave Explorer, Systray, and Msg32 running. Then run GigaStudio. Does the problem persist?

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    Re: fatal error and blue screen .......

    Thanks for your support !
    I\' ll tell you that at the end of june because I stay in Paris two weeks and my sound studio is far away.

    Have a nice day
    Chouine from Paris

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