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Topic: Key binding dimension Giga Strings in Sonar?

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    Key binding dimension Giga Strings in Sonar?

    Anyone have a clue on how to assign Midi program change in Sonar in order to use the keys (C1 to D2)automatically? (example: A1 plays the trill FX in Violin. It always default to C1 when I load the song...)

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    Re: Key binding dimension Giga Strings in Sonar?

    I\'m not sure which strings library you\'re referring to, but if your problem is that the performance has many different keyswitched dimensions, and you want to load Sonar and play a different dimension than the one triggered by C1 by default, you have to use keys to do the switching.

    What you could do is insert the appropriate note (for the dimension that you want to hear) in the first available bar of a spare track assigned to the Giga strings channel in your Sonar sequence.

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    Re: Key binding dimension Giga Strings in Sonar?

    In Sonar, go to the Options/Project/MidiOut dialog box, and uncheck zero controllers. I know key dimensions are not patch changes, but for some reason this stops Giga from defaulting back to the first dimension. Inserting the the appropriate keyswitch note at the beginning of the sequence isn\'t enough if you are actually sequencing, only for playing the whole piece through.

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