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Topic: VST System Link note-off problem

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    VST System Link note-off problem

    Hello there,

    I have a 64 bit Windows7 PC running Cubase7 connected via VST System Link to an old 32 bit Windows XP PC running Cubase SX. Both have the RME HDSP 9632 interface. I record into Cubase7 and use the old PC to host some VST instruments and GigaStudio3.

    Everything seems to be set up and synced correctly and generally works fine triggering VST instruments on the old PC. But when I playback a recorded midi part from Cubase7 to trigger a GigStudio patch the notes don't sustain correctly, or at all actually. The Midi Monitor list in GigaStudio shows that a note-off event immediately follows the note-on event and both events have the exact same timestamp, no matter how long the recorded note length. Whilst I'm playing the keyboard and recording the part everything sounds as it should and the Midi Monitor shows the note-off event occurring at the correct time. It's only when I playback the recorded midi part from the Cubase7 machine that the note-off message gets sent along with the note-on. Any ideas what's going on?

    Incidentally, I tried the demo version of Soundlib's G-Player to play the giga patches and I get the same problem with that.

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    Re: VST System Link note-off problem

    Try to download game again.

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