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Topic: Has Anyone tried Using GS with Windows XP?

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    Has Anyone tried Using GS with Windows XP?


    I was wondering if anyone out there has attempted to install and run GS on Windows XP platform. I saw a thread discussing XP earlier, but I don\'t think any of those people actually tried it yet...hell, I don\'t know maybe I should just buy a 98 machine just to accommodate GS and my sequencing software..anyone who has XP, please respond if you\'ve boldly gone where no GS user has gone before.haha..I appreciate your help!

    One Love.

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    Re: Has Anyone tried Using GS with Windows XP?

    My understanding is that GigaStudio will not work with Windows XP. Per a message post by Joe Bibbo a month ago:

    The short answer is nothing!

    The long answer:
    Let me restate our position on the Windows 2K/Xp
    development. I hope that it will be clear that we
    would like to offer a solution that is compatible
    on both version of the Os.

    Whether you are talking about 2K or Xp, there
    is one fundamental difference from previous
    version of Windows (95,98, and ME) - the
    kernel. As some of you know by now, the
    GigaX technology is not a standard piece of
    software. In other words it does not talk to
    operating system at the
    highest levels. Instead, we architected our
    software to run at the lowest levels in the system
    to achieve the highest possible performance.
    To my knowledge, all other major sequencers and
    software synthesizer/samplers currently take
    a different stance.
    This architectural difference is the main reason why you
    can\'t just take the GigaX application and
    throw it onto a Win2k or Xp system.We still stand
    behind the fact that the only way to achieve
    the level of performance
    from the total system: the CPU, memory, and harddrive,
    is to architect the software as we have done. The
    bottom line is that no version of Windows: 95, 98, ME,
    NT, 2k, or Xp have be designed for real-time applications.

    Side bar: A real-time application is something that
    has a time component that is critical. The converse of
    a real-time application is a \'data-processing\' application.
    For example, if you bold a word in a word processor
    there is no time critical component - it is considered
    a data processing application. However, if your application
    is outputting 44.1kHz sampled data, if you miss even
    a single sample then your audio will pop - this would be
    considered a \'real-time\' application.

    Ok back to my story ...

    So if you are still with me and you believe everything I
    have said so far, then it would be obvious that our next
    step should be to move our GigaX technology into the
    NT kernel, which is what both Win2k and Xp are
    currently using.
    To do this we use a special tool provided by Microsoft
    called a DDK. Everything we have learned and read about
    the DDK tells us that drivers written with this DDK
    will be compatible both in Windows 2k and Xp. We have
    actually been working on this for the last year - no there
    is not a beta ready yet. I am hoping that by the summer
    we will have a beta - it just depends if I ever get
    done with this email and back to coding

    So why is NemeSys saying they are only supporting Xp?
    Why have they forgotton the Win2k guys/gals? Well,
    we haven\'t. Because of the similarity of the operating
    systems, a solution on Xp should also be a solution
    on Win2k. Internally, we will do all our development
    and qualifcation on Xp. But I have no reason to believe
    that our solution will not work on Win2k.
    We will not abandon our customers. If people decide
    to not migrate to Xp and to stay with 2k, then we will
    support them. Just as we will continue to support the
    Win 9x and ME folks.

    A lot has been said about Xp, and I suspect a lot more
    will be said in the future. Microsoft is keeping our
    lifes very interesting these days. I just want everybody to
    realize that the dust has not settled, so we all need to
    be open to new ideas. Personally speaking, I
    would not count Xp out yet - it is still in beta and MS
    has given themselves enough room to improve
    the experience. At the same time, I agree with others
    that a properly configured Win9x/ME system can
    provide a very stable audio environment.

    I hope my babbling helps. And I hope this makes you
    feel comfortable
    with the roadmap of the technology.

    I am anticipating this is the end of my participation in the
    Xp/2k debate at least for a while - I will be out of the
    office for a few days and I don\'t know what else to say.
    I will keep you posted on the availability of the beta.


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    Re: Has Anyone tried Using GS with Windows XP?

    Thank you very much for your detailed (yes, I believe you, man.haha) response. I am looking forward to seeing GS on the XP platform.

    Good luck with your coding, Joe. We\'ve got our fingers crossed for you guys.

    One Love

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