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Topic: VWSTREAM is killing me....

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    VWSTREAM is killing me....

    I can\'t use Gigastudio for more than about two hours without a crash... and it\'s usually more like two minutes. The culprit is almost always VWSTREAM.VXD. Even if Gigastudio isn\'t running, my system isn\'t safe from the VWSTREAM-induced-blue-screen-of-death (I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Gigastudio somehow digs itself pretty deeply into the Windows Kernel, so you\'re never really free of it unless you uninstall).

    I did a search on this site, and found two earlier posts from people about this kind of crash. Both had a single follow-up post trying to get the original person to clarify the problem, then nothing.

    Please, if anyone has anyone has any ideas, or needs more info, let me know. I have a lot of work to do in the next few days, and I have come to rely on the great sounds I have bought. Not to mention how much I\'ve been bragging to my Mac-using boss about my Purrrfect Drums... it will be a real drag if I have to bring in mixes using the drums off of my various modules.

    Jacob Winkler

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    Re: VWSTREAM is killing me....

    Hey Jacob,
    Have you downloaded the latest version update of Giga off Nemesys website (2.20.42)?
    I used to get the same crashes constantly using certain sounds when unloading them, but since I downloaded the new version I don\'t get them anymore.
    Also, do you run all of your audio, gigs, and programs on one hard drive?

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