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Topic: hangs when loading Performances

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    hangs when loading Performances

    GS keeps hanging in the middle of loading up performances. If I load the instruments one by one, it\'s (usually) OK. No Blue-Screen-Of-Death, no spontaneous restarts, just completely frozen. Any ideas?

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    Re: hangs when loading Performances

    What are you trying to load? I\'m getting similar issues loading Real Giga Drums.

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    Re: hangs when loading Performances


    Does this happen with big instruments and when the memory number is high?

    I used to have similar problem when I didn\'t have that much memory (at least I believe that was the problem). The computer would freeze with the HD LED lighting continuously.
    Windows stores the memory content on the HD when the memory available is low. I think, what happend was that while loading some huge gig file Windows attempted to store the memory content onto the HD and somehow none of the operations could be finished.


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