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Topic: Direct Sound vs. GSIF drivers

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    Direct Sound vs. GSIF drivers

    Is playback latency dramatically better on a card using GSIF over one using DirectSound?

    Or is a DirectSound card a very usable solution?


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    Re: Direct Sound vs. GSIF drivers

    A few years ago I first tried Gigasampler with my AWE64 Gold card before buying a decent computer + soundcard.

    On my PI-166mmx I was stunned by the superb latency. It was very playable. I don\'t know if this applies to all non-GSIF soundcards.

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    Re: Direct Sound vs. GSIF drivers

    I used Gigasampler with a Soundblaster Live with no perceivable latency on a PII-450. A GSIF card is only essential if you want more than two channels--and, of course, the better sound quality/lower noise that a more upscale card is likely to produce.

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