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Topic: unity note software?

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    unity note software?

    Does anyone know of any software that can automatically set the unity notes for a directory of wave files? (listing the pitch deviations from equal temperment tuning in cents would also be nice)

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    Re: unity note software?

    Autotune by AnalogX (great and free) www.analogx.com
    He\'s got lots of other free goodies aswell.

    Ben Chase www.core-element.net

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    Re: unity note software?

    Hmmm that analogX piece of software seems to change the pitch of the original sample.... is that the case?

    With cool edit there is a pretty flaky note detection thingumy. Instead of changing the original sample it just tells you what the pitch of it is. It does, however, have a habit of being wrong so I don\'t really trust it.... anyone know any solid bits of software which acurately detect unity notes (rather than pitch shifting)?

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