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Topic: Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

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    Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

    I\'m having programming problem and I\'d appreciate any suggestions...

    This \"stringed instrument\" I\'m working on is struck with a mallet. It has a very long envelope decay. The way I\'ve replicated this response with the Amp Envelope is with an extremely long release of about 15 seconds. So what happens is you strike the keyboard and release the key immediatley and you still get a nice long Amp Envelope... very much like the response of hitting an undampered string with a mallet. So far so good.
    This instrument has a damper pedal.... when you press it down, the strings are muted and ring for only about 3 seconds maximum.
    I have these 2 layers set up so that when you depress the SUS pedal (cc 64) that the unmuted layer\'s volume cuts out and the muted layer comes in (just as the actual instrument responds. When you release the sus pedal... the unmuted layer comes back in.

    The PROBLEM I\'m having is if I was playing a phrase using the unmuted layer(long release), then I press the sus pedal to play a short phrase (muted), then release the sus pedal to go back to the un-muted layer I still hear the release portion from my first phrase played with the unmuted layer since it has such a long release. And harmonically it is not very musical at all.

    I\'m using cc-64 routed to the amplifier-volume of each layer programmed in oposite directions to trigger this type of switching. But what I *think* I really need is for when I use the sus pedal to engage the the muted layer.... I also need it to cancel out the long release of the first layer which is unmuted. Is there a way to do this that I\'m not thinking of?

    If I could modulated the AHDSR release rate of envelope 1 (un-muted) with the release of envelope 2 (muted) it seems that would do it. But I don\'t see any way to achieve this.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re: Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

    Sorry folks.... I\'m typing too fast.

    Meant to call this Post...
    \"Calling All Kontakt Wizards\"

    not \"Akk\" Kontact Wizrds ....

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    Re: Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

    I have posted to the NI forum.... didn\'t know there was a yahoo group for Kontakt.
    I\'ll check it out.

    Thanks! Dennis

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    Re: Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

    yea the Yahoo groups pretty hardcore?u`ll probably get your answer there.Too bad KingIdiots not around on this site these days .He`d know..Rich

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    Re: Calling Akk Kontakt Wizards!

    Hey Dennis B of boulder sounds..I strongly suggest u post this on the NI site as DDas or micheal adele are usually really good with these indepth Q: Theres also a kontakt yahoo forum,with lots ot kontakt techies.I still dont understand all the programing stuff Inside Kontakt..Rich

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