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Topic: Routing Outputs

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    Routing Outputs

    Just got into the Giga arena. I\'ve spent a little time playing with the software to try to get what I want, but I\'m having problems.

    I\'m playing alt-country/rock n roll stuff, sequencing my drums for my CD. Went from Alesis D4 for sound source to my new S80 (which does have some good drum sounds) and wanted to go that final subtle step to something like a sampled kit.

    Now I\'m using Clearmountain II. The problem I have is that on the D4 and S80 I could route drum sounds within their patches to any of the 4 outputs on the back of the units (so I could multi-track each instrument into its own track.) I can\'t find a way to route Gigasampler regions within the same patch to different outputs of my Delta 1010.

    Anyone have a solution? I hate to record all of the drums in one track, but not as much as I\'d hate to have to reprogram 12 drum sequences to run various drums in different channels.

    BTW, is it just me or is the manual kind of useless? Do they not want you to understand their software?

    Thanks in advance for any light shed.

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    Re: Routing Outputs

    what sequencer are you using? because in cubase it\'s possible to make a \"remix\" of the midi-drumtrack into separate miditracks so you can record them seperately. i think cakewalk has a similar feature.

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    Re: Routing Outputs

    Check this from Kevin of nemesysmusic:
    It is possible to assign discreet audio port settings for individual drum sounds loaded onto the same MIDI channel. It is
    necessary to have a sound card capable of providing the number of output channels that you wish to use.

    To route a drum set out to separate outputs of your sound card, you must edit the instrument using the Giga instrument Editor.
    Whatever outputs the .GIG file is assigned to in the GigaStudio/GigaSampler, this setting will offset to the next specified
    available output(s).

    Select as many output ports as you have drum sounds, for example:

    1 Kick
    2 Snare
    3 Hat
    4 Hi Tom
    5 Mid Tom
    6 Floor Tom
    7 Overhead Left (cymbals)
    8 Overhead Right (cymbals)

    Select the region that represents the Kick Drum, for intance, and click on the Mix/Layer tab. In the “Channel Offset” window leave
    this set to zero. For each subsequent region, enter the offset value of 1-7.
    The snare offset will need a value of 1 to route its output to channel 2 of the audio card. The mid tom will need an offset value
    of 4 to route its output to channel 5 of the audio card.

    Hope this is helpful,


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    Re: Routing Outputs

    I\'m using Yamaha XG Lite, though I think it\'s about to go. I never loved it, and now it appears to not have programmable MIDI controllers, cutting out some of the functionality of Clearmountian Drums.

    Anyone know the oldest version of Cakewalk that has this feature?

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