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Topic: clarification - volume reset/preset

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    clarification - volume reset/preset

    Further to my previous question - the default setting for a Port volume is ninety, if I increase this to say 127 and use the DSP volume setting for my final volume mix, if I go to Sonar and play, the volume remains at where I set it in the Port view (127), however, as soon as I stop play in Sonar and return to Giga Studio, the volume has returned to 90 in the Port view, but has remained where it was set in the DSP. This can be very annoying, especially if you are wave capturing to Sonar, and want a good volume, every time you stop you need to go back to Giga and reset the Port volume to 127 from 90. I have tried saving with the volume set at 127, but after stopping Sonar it still returns to 90, the factory preset. Is there something I\'m missing here? YOur help is appreciated.

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    Re: clarification - volume reset/preset

    Try setting the volume in Cakewalk to 127 starting at the very beginning of the piece. Cakewalk should then send that midi message to Giga each time so that the volume will stay at 127.


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