Hello everybody!

A year ago I wanted the Gigasampler (and later the GigaStudio) to output signal via the Yamaha DSP Factory. Although Yamaha maintained it should be possible (and someone on this forum managed) I couldn\'t make it work no matter what I tried. After some time I gave up and bought the SB Live! card which worked (and works) just fine.

To my surprise (or even shock), after recently reinstalling my computer from the scratch, GigaStudio and DSP Factory don\'t have any problem cooperating any more. In one particular situation (which I will describe below) it is even possible to use the card with both the GigaStudio and the Cubase at the same time (this is probably why Yamaha calls their driver multiclient).

When thinking what I did different this time than one year ago, it stroke me that I might have done the istallation of DS 2416 drivers differently. I read the read-me file accompaning the Yamaha drivers about 30 times before, but only the last time I understood (kind of) what I am supposed to do: if I want to have DirectX driver working properly (thus being able to run DS2416 with GSt) I must install the driver in two steps. If I also want to have ASIO driver working I must install it in yet another step. So here is what one is supposed to do:

• 1) Install new hardware
Control Panel -> Add new hardware -> Sound etc. device -> Have disk -> Browse to the folder, where you unzipped the drivers -> DS 2416 should appear as a choice. Finish, restart.
• 2) Run setup
Go to the folder where you unpacked the driver and run setup.exe (but not the file of the same name which is in subfolder ASIO!)

After this the Gigastudio should work with DSP Factory card.

• 3) Run ASIO setup
To install the ASIO SW+DS driver as well, go to the folder where you uzipped the driver and run setup.exe from subfolder ASIO (not the one in the main folder!)

It could, of course, also be that the newest version of GSt and the latest drivers are free of the earlier incompatibilities and therefore they work together. And maybe starting from a completely clean system and installing only things absolutely necessary have also helped.

To run GSt and Cubase with DSP Factory I tried 3 combinatios of drivers. I set the GSt to use DS 2416 DirectX driver and tried to change drivers in Cubase as follows:
• 1) Cubase -> MME driver: does not work, when starting Cubase a message \"Device could not open\" appears, sometimes the Cubase even crashes
• 2) Cubase -> ASIO SW+DS driver: it is not even possible to set it, Cubase insists that the driver is already allocated to another application (even if GSt is not running)
• 3) Cubase -> DirectX driver: this combination is normally also not possible (the same reason as in 1) and 2), however: if you have another DirectX soundcard in your system like SB Live! the situation changes: there is, true, no DS 2416 output in Cubase (it has been already allocated..., you know) and only the SB Live! output is available, but it is possible to play GSt thru DSP Factory and record this signal in Cubase selecting one of the DSP Factory\'s busses. This is the only instance I have ever found where the DSP Factory behaves multiclient.

However, the latency of DSPF DirectX driver is quite high (Audio Setup panel in Cubase shows 112ms) and makes live playing of instruments in GSt difficult. So I continue using the SB Live! for GigaStudio (45ms in Cubase) and use the DSP Factory with other programs. But I want to try if the situation described in 3) could not be an alternative to the Capture function of the GSt.

Here is the last info regarding versions I am using: GigaStudio 2.2, Yamaha WINASIO 2.50, WINDIXV 3.40B.
And be warned: do not change drivers or VST Inputs in Cubase while GSt is runing - Cubase almost always crashes. Also do not change these with Audio-system disabled: crash, crash, crash...

Have fun.