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Topic: Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller

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    Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller

    Is it possible to crossfade between two samples (or fade in a second sample) with the modwheel controller? I think this will be usefull for strings to add a vibrato and maybe it sounds more realistic instead of using the synthesizer section.

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    Re: Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller


    It is certainly possible because that\'s precisely how the XFD versions of instruments in AO are done. Unfortunately I quite don\'t understand how they achieved this although I wish I could. There is no textbook on the Editor and from the manual I was not able to get very clever. Shame.


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    Re: Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller

    Hi Ondrej!
    You\'re right. The Documentation about the editor is very bad and incomplete. Maybe another one has an idea about my problem.

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    Re: Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller

    I\'m not a GS user yet, but it seems I will be soon (thanks to Chadwick for a great review). When I want something to work the way I want, I try to use examples i can find. ondrej mentioned \"that\'s precisely how the XFD versions of instruments in AO are done\"; I do not know what is AO, but maybe Habakuk you can take it as an example and \"copy and past\" the method/dat/values used to your samples...(?)
    I\'m not sure to be helpfull, but I begin to like a lot the GS community people, so it\'s my little contribution, even if I do not know exactly what I\'m talking about

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    Re: Crossfade between two samples with modwheel controller

    I\'m gonna do this without Giga infront of me so please bear with me if I\'m a bit sketchy.

    1) Create two folders `Sample1` & `Sample2`. In the first folder put the ordinary sample. In the second folder put the one you want to crossfade to.
    2) Open the Editor and create a new instrument from the file menu.
    3) Select both folders in Windows Explorer and drag&drop them into the sample window of the new instrument (bottom left panel).
    Now you should see both folders in your sample window.
    4) In the window above you should see an instrument called `Untitled`. Select this instrument and press the button to start the instrument wizard.
    5) In the first screen of the wizard rename the instrument `xFadeTest` and then press the `next` button.
    6) In the second screen of the wizard you should see the information for what range of keys your instrument will stretch over. set this to fit your needs and press the `next` button.
    7) The third screen, if I\'m right, is an important one. It deals with dimensions. Set the first dimension to `Layer` and set the amount of layers to 2 (the number next to the name of the dimension). Also remember if your samples are stereo or mono and check the box next to that to fit whatever they are. (by the way if this wizard goes wrong and nothing gets applied its probably because you set that they were stereo when they were actually mono or vice versa... so go back and double check and do it again). After doing the above click on the `next` button.
    8) In the last screen of the wizard you should see your two folders on one side and two value ranges on the other (1-64, 64-127). Select the first folder and then click on the range 1-64 to assign it to that. Then select the second folder and click on the range 64-127 to assign it to that. After doing this click the `finish` button.
    9) You should see your newly created instrument with all its regions. Save it and then load it up into GigaStudio using the `load` button in the editor.
    When you play this instrument you will here both of your samples overlapping each other. They are layered. What you want to do is cross fade them by fading one layer out as the other fades in using the same midi controller (the mod wheel in your case).
    10) Click&Drag to select all your regions in the editor.
    11) In the bottom right corner of the editor are a series of tab panels (env1, filter, sample, response) click on the one next to the `sample` tab. Its the one where you can set sample start and attenuation. I can\'t remember its name at the moment. In the bottom right corner of this tab panel you should see a little button with a weird cross-fading symbol on it. Click on this button.
    12) Up comes the cross-fade editor. At the bottom of the cross-fade editor are to options. Set the left hand one to the midi controller you want (mod wheel) and set the right hand one to `2 layer cross-fade`.
    13) Now above these two options are 4 panels, the top two of which represent your two layers. To the left of them you should see the names of the layers `layer1` and `layer2`. The left hand side represents 0 on your mod wheel and the right represents 127 on your mod wheel. On both layers you should see a couple of points to the far left of the panel, one at the top, one at the bottom. Click and drag the TOP point of layer 2 to the far right.
    14) Then click&drag the BOTTOM point of layer 2 back to the far left. You should see a large ramp that goes from 0 on the left to full on the right.
    15) Now click&drag the bottom point on layer 1 to the middle. If it starts to make a ramp going the opposite way to layer 2 then carry on to full right. It it doesn\'t play around with the top and bottom point of layer 1 until it starts opening up. Once it\'s opened up make it into a ramp which goes the opposite way from the ramp in layer2.
    16) Click the `apply` button.
    17) Save the instrument and then load it up into GigaStudio.....


    (I hope this helps push you to new realms of creativity.... enjoy)

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