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Topic: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

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    what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    I\'m a frenchie who wants to buy GS, but I do not know what version I need, and i\'m requesting your helpful comments. Nemesys site is good, but they promote their products saying \"we are the best\"; like all the others, and I believe only users can bring objective responses.
    I\'m a recent registered user of Sonar and I love this program. I\'d like to play samples also with a virtual sampler (I can\'t afford hardware) and GS seems good, very promising (as well as Virtual sampler Pro v2.6 too, which is really cheaper). But I want to buy the version I only need and one that does work with Sonar.
    I need your advises.

    PS : for the moment, effects are not really necessary because I want to use classical instruments, not sampled synths (I have beautifull hardware that give me the sound I need).
    PS2 : does GS run under win2k ? if not, is it possible in a near future ? win98 is really a mess...

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    The best Giga version for you depends in part on what polyphony you require. GigaSampler in its two versions is inexpensive and will give you 48-64 notes. I used it and had good luck with it. GigaStudio is a far more ambitious program and if you want to use its full 96 or 160 note capability it will place serious demands on your system. Because GigaStudio is a newer program I would strongly recommend it over its older, less expensive siblings. I\'ve had good luck running it on my system with Cakewalk Pro Audio. Others may have comments on Sonar and Giga.

    Support for Win XP is promised at some point but for now it\'s 98 or Me only.

    Keep in mind that Nemesys\' products are professional tools. As such they do not include a library of sounds to get you started (except for the Gigapiano which is included). You will have to purchase everything else separately and this can easily cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the sounds you need. Then again, they are some of the best sounds on the planet.


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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?


    Also keep in mind that Gigastudio requires a lot of system resources because it streams its samples from hard disk - which means they don\'t have to fit into system ram, and can play up to 160 streams with very low latency.

    Because of this, some people have found that it is difficult to run an audio sequencer and Giga on the same PC. They both tend to compete for CPU and disk throughput.

    Can I suggest that you make sure you see Sonar, AND whatever sampler you are thinking of buying, running on your PC BEFORE you buy. Make sure you\'re using plenty of polyphony and that the audio sequencer is running the number of audio tracks you need.

    This is the only way to know that your personal system will work as you want it to.

    If Giga isn\'t happy with Sonar on your machine, Nemesys tech support may have soultions, or you can look at some of the other soft samplers on offer, although you\'ll probably have to compromise on the Giga feature set.

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    Many thanks to you for your replies. I understood one of the most important thing to consider is polyphony. I guess for the moment - refering to nemesys products description, and to my bank account - Gigasampler should be fine. Nevertheless, the deeper I get into Sonar, the more I\'m surprised (good and bad things). It \"eats\" a lot of ressources, so gigaSampler should be the solution (they will both run in the same computer).
    One other sad point is concerning GS samples. I listened to some of the demo available at nemesys\' and it\'s really great, some are amazing, but they cost a lot of money! And I\'m not sure I can really afford that... moreover, I mentionned Virtual sampler which costs \"almost nothing\" and can run SoundFonts (which are free).
    It\'s a hard dilema to deal with...
    Anyway, thank you for your replies, and maybe i\'ll become soon a GS family member!

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?


    I don\'t know how much difference there is in the resource requirements of Gigasampler Vs Gigastudio - maybe some other users should answer that.

    Gigastudio is able to use soundfonts, wav files and Akai sounds.

    Third party utilities like Translator and CDxtract will allow conversion from just about any imaginable format to the Gigastudio format for between $US50-150.

    Again, use the software on your system and see how it runs with Sonar. See it working before you commit

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    Thank you Chadwick for your comments; I haven\'t notice that GS could use SoundFonts. Good to hear it.
    But, you say \"use the software on your system and see...\", how can I do that, I couldn\'t find any demo version of GS products at nemesys\' site. I really can\'t buy it just for testing. Moreover, there is no dealer around who sell such products, I leve in the countryside!
    Is it possible to contact Nemesys and ask them a demonstration or limited software?

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    Check with Nemesys, but I don\'t think that Gigastudio ($us699)puts a much larger drag on the CPU than Gigasampler LE($us99).

    In lieu of a demo, why not buy the LE version, see how it runs with Sonar, and upgrade if you\'re happy?

    Note that although Gigasampler reads Giga, .wav and Akai formats, it doesn\'t read soundfonts. Either you would need one of the converters I mentioned, or wait until you upgrade to Gigastudio - which DOES read them.

    Gigasampler LE is also bundled with several soundcards.

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    It\'s a good idea, but i have a card i\'m satisfied with (a layla by echo). I have to think, and be more carefull to technical descriptions. it\'s important, because i need to compare GS to virtual sampler Pro that only costs $75, have built-in effects, a lot of controllers and can read akai and soundfonts.
    Well, it\'s still a dilema...

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?


    There are currently two main things which set the Giga apart from most other samplers:

    1. Streaming up to 160 samples from hard disk at low latency in real time. Most samplers require the complete sound to reside in ram, which limits the size of the sounds to the amount of ram you have to spare. That\'s why some instruments for Gigasampler can be over a gigabyte in size, even though the system might only have 128 or 256mr ram.

    2. Dimension switching. This is an ingenious way to enhance the \'performability\' of large and sophisticated sample sets. For example, using a dimension like keyswitching, a player can assign patch switching to several otherwise unused keys at the bottom of the keyboard. When using, say, strings, this might enable him to switch between legato, marcato, pizz, tremolonde, major trills, minor trills - all in real time, in a way which is very intuitive and playable. Some of the guitar library makers use keyswitching to switch between different musical keys when playing a strumming guitar patch.

    Have a listen to demos like Maximum Strength steel guitars and Scarbee\'s Slap bass at Nemesys. Without dimension switching these perfomances would require a heck of a lot of very unintuitive editing to achieve. (To be honest, I think Scarbee also loves to cut and paste lots of samples in his demos - but the basics are created with dimension switching and crossfading).

    Once they have been freed from the shackles of ram, most users don\'t want to go back.

    Having said that, if your use of the sampler doesn\'t require large scale, highly detailed instruments, you won\'t be as bothered by the\'limitations\' of a ram based sampler.

    Giga is really a different beast to VSampler.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: what is the best GS to buy to run with Sonar?

    Hi Chadwick!
    it\'s very good review you\'ve done for me, thank you very much, I really appreciate.
    For the moment, I\'m running win98 (win98se does not work correctly with me) with 256 Mb of Ram. I should buy 256 more soon, in summer. I saw that GS instruments can be very very BIG and hardware samplers can not manage such amount, as well as othe soft samplers. That\'s an important thing to consider, and I have to admit GS products are far ahaed for that compared to other samplers. I guess I have to make up my mind, but it\'s a good suggestion you made to buy GS LE version for \"testing\" purpose. The only problem is in FRANCE here it\'s not possible to buy it without the GigaPiano (I really do not need it). Then, can I order the software directly at nemesys\' site? I remenber I\'ve read some information that and it was mentioned it was not possible if a nemesys dealer exists in the counrty where i live. Moreover, if I buy from nemesys directly, GS will cost much less money than buying it in a shop here.

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