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Topic: Gigastudio Ports and MIDI Mixer Question??

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    Gigastudio Ports and MIDI Mixer Question??

    Is there a way to adjust the MIDI channel fader independently for each port? If not then that is a pretty damn limited way to do layering. I am using my controller keyboard to experiment and I would really like to be able to adjust each port\'s channel volume seperately. When I adjust one fader it affects all the others identically.


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    Re: Gigastudio Ports and MIDI Mixer Question??

    And yes, I do have the ports linked - that is how I am achieving layering but I really need to experiment in real time with my controller and adjust port levels separately. My controller will send on one channel (1 out of 16) and so I want to have 1 instrument on channel 1 for each port so I can play with layering.


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    Re: Gigastudio Ports and MIDI Mixer Question??

    Hey Brian,

    The way the port link works is pretty basic, and I don\'t think this is the way to go for your layering idea if you want to remote control relative levels by midi.

    Basically, whatever midi goes to channel X on a particular port is copied to channel X on whatever port it is linked to.

    For me, at least, I can link any channels I like by using Logic and just selecting record on each track which is assigned to a channel I want to link. With this setup you have the track offset window on the left which allows you to make lots of indiviual adjustments without going near Giga.

    But I understand that this doesn\'t help you.

    The thing is, once you link, the midi data to one is copied to all others - and Giga does all its level/panning/tuning etc., by midi....

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