Don't get me wrong. Spectrasonics product are very good. I own Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus and there are awsome but that said I think that Spectrasonics Compagny and Supportteam are bad.

You would expect that if you own Omnisphere that it would be nice to get an email telling you that there is a new product called Omnisphere 2, that upgrade cost are ....... and you can get it at ........ Would that not be customer friendly service?

Second Omnisphere 2 came out on April the 30th. From that moment you can not visit the webshop. You get the next message.

The Spectrasonics Techshop Is Temporarily Closed

Due to extremely high demand, we are significantly expanding our online store bandwidth before reopening this area.

I think it's strange! Did they not anticipate on that? Omnisphere was and is a huge succes so they did not expected a run like this on the webshop? Why are the not capeble to support that kind of demand. Is is now days later and still the shop is clossed.

It's about the same when you send them a email or send them a form. They never answer it.

How do you call that kind of behavour? O yes Arrogant.

I hope the will impove this soon.

Ps. Would it be time now to bring out a new STYLES RMX?