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Topic: Giga And Cakewalk

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    Giga And Cakewalk

    I need to understand how to operate the my giga sampler with CWPA 9.0 (Cakewalk) I don\'t understand how to trigger the giga samples with this sequencing tool help.....please.

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    Re: Giga And Cakewalk

    open giga first
    open cakewalk second
    load your instruments in giga
    open your .wrk file in cakewalk

    under Cakwalk\'s Options/midi devices highlight you gigasampler for the output and your soundcard for the input

    in cakewalk set your track\'s port to gigasampler and set your track\'s channel to the giga channel with the instrument you want to play (i.e. you loaded a bass in giga channel 1 so you have to set cakewalk\'s track channel to channel 1 to hear that bass)

    you should be able to hear sound.

    make sure you speakers are on!

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    Re: Giga And Cakewalk

    Thanks a lot... I must have loaded my Giga wrong because there are no instrument definitions in CWPA for the sampler. I will just unload and reload both tools and Go from there......Thanks agine.

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