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Topic: Kontakt disk streaming

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    Kontakt disk streaming

    Hi all,
    When you disk stream giga files in Kontakt, does Kontakt have to make a new file for every giga file you want to stream?
    I\'m wondering because one of my drives doesn\'t have the room for that.
    I would have to delete the giga file after the Kontakt conversion. Is this what\'s done? You convert to Kontakt format and then just use that? I suppose if I\'m just using Kontakt that\'s fine.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Kontakt disk streaming


    All I see is that when Kontakt makes the conversion, it creates a huge amount of .wav files for that sample in a folder. I would venture a guess that the Giga file can be deleted once you save the converted file to Kontakt..

    Check with others for a safe move here..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Kontakt disk streaming

    yea u can do it other ways! .Theres a post on the NI Kontatk Forum Discussing this very thing.U dont have to convert your .gig to .nki to stream.Check out the Ni forum .All ways are discussed. Peace, Rich

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    Re: Kontakt disk streaming

    yeah, you just convert to NKI format and then just use that. and then delete your gig files if you need the space.

    When I made the switch, I converted all of my gig stuff at once. I grabbed 8 files at a time from the kontakt browser and dragged them onto a port.

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